"I have had the honor to coach and work with many amazing people throughout my career. I have learned valuable lessons and insights from every one of them, which is my honor to continue to pass on through my coaching.

Personally I cannot read through this incredible page of greats and not be inspired by who these people are.

What is written here will give you a glimpse of what is available for you as a client of MX COACH and perhaps you will be honored on this page as well."

Joseph DeGano
Founder, MX COACH

Johnny Kent
Professional Motocross Racer
Eagle, Idaho
The secret is out!! I believe MX Coach is the revolutionary movement towards an inevitable success with racing techniques, mental game strategies and proving that it's not just about the bike.
It's a refreshing stand for a shift in personal change and stepping into an excitingly bold perspective based on proven, creative, body-form techniques which are studied and tested by the top original professors of Motocross!

MX Coach has an adept and uniquely applied gift to improving any racer's skill level beyond what they already think they know. It has given me quality, safe, effective ways to be super confident and controlled while riding my motorcycle on the track or in the hills. He is the very best Motocross Coach/Mentor in the industry today! Thank you MX Coach for improving my mental game on and off the track and giving me an unparalleled edge on the competition!

Dr. David Kent
Johnny Kent's Dad
Eagle, Idaho
Joe worked closely with my son for approximately 3 years. He taught him technical skills, personal training and mental toughness. My son went from obscurity to being a highly competitive rider in a very short period of time with Joe's coaching. He learned how to maintain his bikes and prepare for races. Joe always went the extra mile and became a good friend to my son as well. I believe that Joe is one of the best motocross coaches and trainers out there. I highly recommend him.

Brian Brandon
Former Professional Motocross Racer
Kuna, Idaho
Joe DeGano with MX Coach did not only make me a way better rider but he single handedly shaped my life in ways I didn't think possible. He finds something in us that we never thought was there, and pushes us past walls that we thought were too big to climb. In 1999 MX Coach led me to the 125cc State Championship and helped me obtain my AMA pro license. More important than the motocross part of my life, MX Coach brought a desire to excel in everything I do!!! With Joe's help he has guided me to dominating the expert class in cross-country mountain bike racing and finding the balance between racing and a marriage and now having a son. Without MX coach I would still be that 18 year old boy that knew everything and would never push myself beyond my comfort zone. I can't thank Joe enough for the lifestyle that he has shown me. And now it's a great feeling having motocross dads asking me how I'm in such great shape and how to get their sons to this level. It's simple call MX COACH!!!

Cole Siebler
Professional Motocross Racer
Emmett, Idaho
I started working with Joe DeGano as an amateur when I was sixteen years old. Now that I have been racing professional motocross and Supercross for the last five seasons I can really appreciate the MX Coach program. I've worked with trainers and they know a little bit about nutrition and I've worked with nutritionists that know nothing about riding technique and I've worked with technique coaches and I'm not sure if they knew any more about technique than I did. Joe DeGano covers the whole program! First of all his riding techniques are direct from Gary Bailey it's more science than advice. Plus he has put together the latest program for athletic training and sports nutrition for motocross.

The guy knows motocross and has studied it his whole life. He was also a pro motocrosser so he understands all the demands on a racer. What really stands out though is how he looks at things and will teach you to look at things in ways that you would have never thought of. We have conversations to dissect what happened to get to what caused what, whether it is positive or negative. It's very different than just going out to the next moto and doing your best or giving it everything you got. We actually come up with a specific plan to improve or overcome whatever stopped us from getting the result we wanted in the last moto or race. He is notorious for his inspirational conversations that somehow, someway lead you to amazing accomplishments on and off the track!

Training with Joe is always a lot of fun, he brings real creativity to training or practicing that otherwise can be dull and routine. I recommend MX Coach to anyone that is serious about their racing. He has trained many amateur racers that are now AMA level professionals, including me!

Ben Evans
Professional Motocross Racer
Boise, Idaho
Above all, Joe DeGano has worked with me mentally causing me to see the world in a new light. As a rider, when you reach the pro level everyone is talented. I believe the main difference between champions and just another fast rider is the mental aspect. I now look at the cause and not just the effects about racing and life. Coach DeGano can teach you how to balance the pressure of racing mentally with the right goals, having fun, and creating something that touches, moves and inspires you that propels you! I did not just become a better racer; I became a better man!

I began working with Joe when I was 14-years old and we planted valuable seeds on proper riding technique and being responsible and clear on what I wanted to do with my life. Today those seeds have grown strong and are fundamental to my success as a professional motocross racer. His coaching has changed me for the better without a doubt. Physically we have developed my fitness to be at elite levels. The hard work is paying off over the years, as my fitness level is clearly one of my strengths. Even better than that his coaching on riding technique has brought me better control over the motorcycle causing me to go a lot faster. Being creative and seeing the track like no one else is one of Coach DeGano's strong suits.

Jacqueline Strong
Professional Motocross Racer
Sedona, Arizona
A good friend of mine, Ben Evans, introduced me to Joe DeGano at Loretta Lynn's in 2008. I spent a lot of time with Joe and Ben there and grew fond of Joe's character quite quickly. That's really important to me. Training isn't just about what you can be taught on the track. There's so much to take in from everyday activities to increase your riding ability. I wasn't riding at Loretta's due to injury but I still learned some unforgettable lessons just by surrounding myself with Joe and Ben's positive company. Whether it was time to eat, race, or play I was constantly taking in new information I could use in my life to help my racing. That's when I knew I wanted to train with Joe and see how it went. I'm not usually big on the whole trainer thing but he had proven to me that he was a knowledgeable guy and he could connect with me, so I thought he deserved a shot.

A few months after Loretta's a fantastic opportunity came up! Joe, Ben, and I finally all had time to meet up and ride. It was nothing like I'd expected. The majority of our time wasn't even spent riding. Conversations were the core of all the transformations. Joe instructed me on basic fundamentals that had a little bit more of a critique style than I was used to. We didn't do anything real fancy but we probably could've fooled you into thinking we did after seeing how much the fundamentals helped! My dad and I agree that riding with Joe and Ben that day was by far one of the most productive riding days of my life. Some of the information Joe gave me I'd heard before. The difference was how he relayed it to me and showed me the meaning they could bring to me and my racing.

Since that day I went to the track with Joe and Ben I've had a few more chances to train with Joe. Not all the training has taken place at the track but I can assure you I've gained just as much helpful information if not more. Joe has opened my eyes to new ideas in the kitchen, the track, the gym, the park, you name it. He knows what he's talking about and has a way of enlightening you that makes all the difference. I can't even picture anyone working with Joe for a day and not learning something powerful. My advice is to give his coaching a try and see for yourself, you won't be sorry.

Craig Mason
Professional Super Moto and Road Racer
Grass Valley, California
I was lucky enough to work with Joe in the 1990's while I competed in the West Coast 125cc Supercross Series. I was young, aggressive and eager to race. Joseph taught me that it took much more than riding my bike fast to be a Champion and a success. I learned all the aspects like nutrition, training, smart practice and the most important the mental game. To pick out one thing, I learned confidence in myself that even I could do it, all I had to do is say it and do what's needed to do. Having the confidence in myself to keep doing it after failure and failure and failure and then finally success! Today I own my own business Fast 50's and the same principals I learned racing apply in all areas of my life. Even today I get coaching from Joseph to continue to grow my business and get through tough situations.

Gus Walker
Professional Factory KTM Mechanic
Edgewood, New Mexico
Joe DeGano has the most inspirational and complete program I have ever experienced. It is so much more than fitness and riding technique coaching. It's an all-in-one program and he is more of a life coach than a motocross coach; simply because he will not stop at just motocross. He first coached me as a racer wanting to become a pro-motocrosser. Then he guided me to handle the tough reality of the fact that I was not going to make a living racing! Through his coaching I found another way to do what I love and live the lifestyle of racing. Joe DeGano always inspires me to do incredible things and when I look back at my life and my current career, it really is incredible! I've seen lasting results not only in my own life but also with other riders that DeGano has coached like Ben Evans and John Kent. These guys were just kids with a dream and now they are accomplished professional racers and great men.
You won't be let down with MX Coach. You'll have to put out the effort and the more you put out the more Joe has to give. I consider Joe DeGano to be the most genuine person I know, he is the real deal. If you are thinking about working with MX Coach call me I will be glad to tell you all that you can expect to gain.

Grant Hays
Amateur Motocross Racer
Medford, Oregon
The first time that I worked with Joe DeGano I thought I had a good attitude and mental mindset towards racing and life. I was wrong. We did a physical and nutritional training camp for 5 days straight. It was the toughest 5 days of my life, but I think the mental training that we did was harder. Joe saw so much stuff that I would've never seen or been able to change. He helped me look at the big context and make ridiculous goals. Now the little things that seemed hard come easy.

I noticed a huge difference at the races just after that. The second time that I worked with MX Coach we worked on riding technique. I've always thought that I had a great riding technique and knew what I was doing. Joe helped me refine it and it made a huge difference. We worked on the basics, which at first I was like "I know how to ride why do I need this". But it was what I needed. Everything comes from the basics. Now when I practice I just keep working on the basics.

I feel like a totally new rider after my couple weeks of training with Joe and people have noticed a big change and ask me what my secret is. I would recommend training with Joe anytime. The guy is amazing and will blow your mind with everything.

Nathan Titus
1997 Sno-X Pro Open National Champion
Meridian, Idaho
I worked with Joe years ago after coming off a complete knee rebuild, by complete I mean only one ligament in my right knee is mine/ the rest are some other guys! We spent the entire fall after physical therapy trying to get ready for another season of Sno-X! Even after my summer of rehab and very limited time to get ready for the winter race season, I felt more confident in my physical conditioning going into the next season than I had in any of the previous seasons. One of the great parts of working with Joe is that its "fun".

Even when you want to puke and then punch the guy in the nose, he makes it seem like your having fun! Even retired from that sport, I'm kind of craving some more time laughing and wanting to puke!

Willie McAllister
Amateur Motocross Racer
Hardwick, Vermont
Hi, this is Patty Fecteau, Willie's mom and I wanted to say thank you to you for all that you did for my son. He learned so much from you! He really respected and trusted in you with everything you taught him to do. It is really amazing to see the difference in him, not only in his abilities to ride but how much he now believes in himself. Before your class he had low self-esteem and hardly ever believed in himself. He knew he could do it but he left himself absolutely no room for error. Since your class he uses positive and strong words like you taught him to do…So in close I wanted you to know that you have made a world of difference in this kid and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done!! Thank you!!!

Cory Christiansen
Former Professional Motocross Racer
Boise, Idaho
The best decision I ever made for my racing career was to obtain a coach. It's so difficult to pin point what kind of coach you need for motocross racing. You have to make a decision whether to work on the mental side of racing, your riding technique, physical training, nutrition or anything else you can think of to improve. As a racer you want to improve on all of them as a whole but it's hard to hire 4-5 different trainers to do so.

This is where Joe DeGano with MX Coach can help you. Joe DeGano is so versatile in all areas involved in being a competitive athlete from the mental coaching, riding technique, physical training to nutrition. Having Joe DeGano as a coach helped me reach the next level in racing and catapulted me past my goals that I had been trying so hard to reach. Joe gave me the tools I needed to truly become a better racer and get to that next level. If you want to make breakthroughs in your racing career and obtain that next level of speed I highly recommend Joe DeGano as a coach.

Adam Juzek
Amateur Motocross Racer
Stowe, Vermont
I've known Big Joe for over 10 years. We both share the love of
bringing performance, skill, and motivation to new levels. A few years
back he approached me about doing an Advance MX Coach school at my local track in Vermont. The race after his school ended, every single one of his students was grabbing hole shots, winning motos, and if not had improved two fold over their previous race performance level.

He methodically teaches every student the motorcycle and body from the ground up. Including motorcycle dynamics, riding form, race strategies and mental strength all added up to make a huge difference. I'm an avid street rider myself and although form is obviously different, Joe's extensive understanding of how motorcycles work helped my street riding to an incredibly higher level.

Dan Wilson
Vintage Motocross Racer
Meridian, Idaho
A couple of race seasons ago Joe DeGano worked with me on technique. My inconsistent results and injuries prompted me to look for an instructor to upgrade my performance. Joe opened an entirely new level of speed, stability and confidence to me.

I know that I am out of position if I begin to doubt or get out of shape in a race. Back in position, back in the zone. The sessions with Joe were down to earth with no messing around. His critiques were understandable and eye-to-eye with insistence when necessary and reinforcement if appropriate. And...they were fun! I will train with Joe more and soon.

John Salemme
Elite Athletics World
Troutdale, Oregon
I met Joe DeGano in 1981. We started out as kids with dreams and today we partner up to bring Motocrosser's to levels thought UNACHIEVABLE, with our annual Elite Athletics World / MX Coach training camps.

In the 24 years of my experience, I have never met an individual like DeGano who can take his brand of coaching and give you life skills you will use literally for the next 30 years and beyond!

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